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Uruguay has an area of 176.215 km2. Its neighbors are Brazil on the Northeast and Argentina on the West.

Important natural harbors can be found on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Plate coastline.

Its population of approximately 3,300,000 inhabitants is of European origin –mainly Spanish and Italian–. Uruguay has the highest urban population density (83%) and the highest literacy rate (97.3%) in South America.

Spanish is the official language and the Roman Catholic is the main religion, although the Church is separated from the State.

The Uruguayan teaching system –free primary, secondary and university education– has trained a large number of professionals that contribute to Uruguay's political and economic stability and promote the development of the different sectors of the economy and of non-traditional activities as computer science.

Uruguay has a digital telephone network that extends throughout the whole country, and the highest density of Internet users in South America.

Uruguay is a republican democracy. This government system has been deeply rooted in the Uruguayan people since Uruguay's independence from the Spanish Crown in 1825.

In recent years, the Uruguayan economy has shown an important rise in the domestic product and a significant reduction in the inflation rate, that merit a country risk rating: Investment Grade “BBB”.

The stability of its economic and financial policies, and its privileged location in southern South America have turned Uruguay into an attractive international financial center for investments and offshore activities.

Montevideo is the nation's capital city and it is home to 1.8 million people in its metropolitan area

Punta del Este is internationally recognized as one of the top seaside resorts in America and the most unique in the region.

It is located in the province of Maldonado, just an hour and a half of the nation's capital. Luxurious summer residences, high-rise beachfront apartment, huge yachts in the harbor, luxury hotels and restaurants make this the most glamorous resort of America.