OFINCUR S.R.L. - Services

Our Credit Information Solutions include the following types of reports:


Customized and up-to-date Business Information Reports on all kind of companies and any entities in all Latin America and the Caribbean region

The amount of information available will vary relative to the commercial practices from one country to another, and will usually inlcude the following items:

  • Legal Status and History
  • Capital Structure, Ownership and Management
  • Business Operations
  • Fixed Asets
  • Comercial and Financial Information
  • Credit Appraisal & Opinion


Credit and Status reports on individuals for employment purposes, granting loan & credit lines, mortages, life insurance, opening of bank accounts, etc. arranged in the following categories

  • Personal Details.
  • Educational Backgroud
  • Occupation and Employment History
  • Properties
  • Credit Status
  • Conclusion & Credit Opinion


We make fresh and up-to-date investigations on all enquiries. No database information is provided.

Our reports are professionally produced, in English, by our bilingual analysts, who have many years experience of interpreting commercial information

All reports are compiled using locally obtained intelligence, personal interviews and investigations, combined with the access to local official and private sources, which are then verified and quality control checked by our team of in-house analysts to ensure the data is both accurate and up-to-date.

No minimun limit of enquiries is requiered, and there are no pre-paid subscription charges, contracts, vouchers, or book of tickets. Reports are ordered as needed, and are delivered by e-mail.

Our charges are within the most competitive you can find in our continent

No V.A.T., sales taxes, or translation costs (English/Spanish) are charged.

Please, E-Mail or FAX us for our most recent price list.



We are highly committed to deliver our reports within the shortest time frame possible and with maximun speed.

Therefore, the following priority levels are at your disposal:

  • Normal Speed
  • Urgent Speed
  • Superflash Speed
  • Extremely Superflash Speed

If you would like more information about our response times, please E-Mail or Fax us